Fumatul: Pro si conta

Daca am trai intr-o tara in care legea s-ar aplica, incepand cu 1 ianuarie 2009 am putea avea optiunea ca intr-un bar sa ne imputim hainele de fum sau nu.

In industria tutunului circula prin anii 90 un memo cu TEN KINGSIZE REASON NOT TO QUIT SMOKING:
DATE:    04.12.1998
1. Smoking is still cool. Amazingly, in spite of the most sustaining and scientifically weighty attack on cigarettes in tobacco’s history, smoking has retained its glamour. Children still understand that smoking is both big and clever. Cigarettes are the indispensable common element in the two greatest concentration of cool in the 20th century: Parisian café culture (Sartre and de Beauvoir in an intellectual haze at Café Flore); and the American hard-boiled hero (think Bogard, Eastwood, McQueen, James Dean).
2.  Sex. Smoking is endless foreplay. There is no climax with smoking, only the first exhilarating moment of contact; the contradictory feeling of relaxation and concentration; the whole sensuous endlessly repeated ritual. Or as Oscar Wilde put it: “ A cigarette is the perfect type of the perfect pleasure. It is exquisite and it leaves one unsatisfied. What more can one want?”
3. Smoking prevents the bubonic plague. Or at least it was thought to, say reports from the 17th century, when young Englishmen were taught to smoke at school.  (No change there, then). Over the past 400 years, tobacco has also been recommended as a treatment for scorpion bites, colds, skin disease, asthma, cancer and to set broken bones. What a waste.
4. Smoking kills. You know that. It says it on the packet. The next time someone disapproves loudly as you light up, for them with this one: “ Cigarettes are sublime by virtue of their charming power to propose what Kant would call “ a negative pleasure”, a darkly beautiful, inevitably painful pleasure that arises from some intimation of eternity; the taste of infinity in a cigarette resides precisely in the “bad” taste the smoker quickly learns to love.         (From Cigarettes Are Sublime, by Richard Klein.) It is the unmistakable whiff of death, which gives cigarettes their perverse allure.
dsc010315. You are the company you keep. If you ring up FOREST (Freedom Organization for the Right to Enjoy Smoking Tobacco) and ask for the names of some famous smokers, they will offer you a list which include Jack Nicholson, Patsy Kensit, David Bowie, Kate Moss, Vaclav Havel, Albert Einstein, Che Guevara, and Marlin Monroe. But phone up ASH (Action on Smoking and Health) and ask for the names of famous non-smokers, you will be told that Jane Ascher (an obscure actress from the movie “ I’m looking through you) are on their council.
6. If you give up, you will become an EX-smoker. You will go on about just how good you feel, how your clothes do not smell, how you can suddenly breathe. At this point, you will inhale ecstatically. In fact you will be so pleased you’ve given up that you’ll insist on talking to your friends about cigarettes for the next ten minutes – handling, sniffing and fondling their tabs. You will be the most active passive smoker they know. Like all victims of repression, Ex Smokers are simultaneously revolted and fascinated by the object of their desire. Don’t fight it; find strength in weakness.
7. The government needs your cash. Cigarettes are subject to the highest rate of tax in the EU. On a pre-budget packet of 20 fags costing 5$, 3.5$ went to the government. So try to think how much money they make from this.
8. It’s payback time. In April 1997, the Wall Street Journal reported that, in the light of a huge number of pending compensation claims and the first successful claim last year, two of the biggest US Tobacco firms, RJR and Philip Morris, were having secret talks about a possible deal. They have suggested setting up a fund worth 300 billion $ over the next 25 years to compensate habitual smokers. November 1998, Master settlement agreement. Industry will pay actually $206 billion, which remains a large amount of money.
9. Everyone tells you to give up. We live in a society addicted to health. It’s your body. Abuse it.
10. Robert Louis Stevenson.” Lastly (and this is perhaps the golden rule), no women should marry a teetotaller, or a man who does not smoke.”

Intre timp omul chiar daca nu a prea evoluat macar a inceput sa fie mai constient de  importanta sanatatii sau  de scaderea trendului cool de a fi smoker.

Budhha chiar a gasit o carte ajutatoare pentru a te lasa de fumat, iar Adrian a promis s-o faca pana pe 15 Februarie.  Dragos considera ca fumatul e pentru prosti, eu cred ca e doar un viciu. Un viciu mai suportabil decat alcoolul dar cu siguranta mult mai imputit.


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  2. Fiecare e liber sa faca ce vrea, eu am ales sa fumez. E mai bine oare sa stau numai prin baruri sa imi termin ficatii? e mai bine sa beau minim o cafea pe zi? daca in zilele noastre fiecare are un viciu, eu de ce sa nu am si eu?nu e bun fumatul…dar cum e si in imagine…nici cola nu e sanatoasa 😀

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